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“This book was written by a man who loves speed more than life itself for people who love speed more than life itself. My simple prayer is that all who read this book would realize that speed belongs at the track and not in the street.” So begins Street Racing 101; Why Motorsports Belongs at the Track by five-time champion race car driver Aaron Schwartzbart.

This little 4 x 6 inch paperback of 100 pages is an easy read for students as young as 13 but is highly recommended for anybody of any age who wants to credibly articulate why motorsports belongs at the track and not in the street.

Teachers, counselors and parents of teenagers can help save lives armed with the clear, objective arguments presented in Street Racing 101.

Some would suggest that the book should be required reading for any adult that can influence the next generation to make the community a safer place.

Street Racing 101 is published by MotorGospel Ministries who operates a 501c3 anti-street-racing campaign in cooperation with the LAPD, Los Angeles City Government and Hollywood.

All proceeds from the sale of Street Racing 101 are donated to the campaign, which has no paid employees.

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